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WHAF to launch: WeHaveAFace TV

It is to our advantage that during these trying times, people are utilizing many video chat apps to communicate with friends and family. Each of us at WeHaveAFace has already been doing that every day, whether it is to hold group meetings or to broadcast a radio show. WHAF is an international organization, and harnessing these technologies has made it possible to connect with our team in various parts of the world. It is with great pleasure to announce that WeHaveAFace is launching an online television show that will play off this same atmosphere. We will be bringing you broadcast quality, multi-cam views with various topics and amazing guests. In late 2018, WHAF announced these plans to launch this program platform, however, it was not possible to bring this to fruition until now.

I have more than fifteen years of experience in the media and film industries, including videography, video editing, video production, and more. I graduated from the Atlantic Media Institute with a media arts degree. I’ve spent my years as a journalist working for print, radio, and television. One of my most significant accomplishments is having filmed, edited, and produced eight video PSA’s for a campaign raising awareness about rural homelessness, which ran across Canada.

James Valvano brings with him multiple years of broadcast experience as well. Valvano attended Saint John’s University in Queens, NY, and studied communications: TV/Film/Radio/Journalism and Psychology. Valvano has authored - One With The Blue, a fictional account of how his life would end with Huntington's disease. James also published Pieces of Me - a book of poems that he wrote spanning over two decades. Valvano has two award-winning films under his belt; The Huntington’s Disease Project: Removing the Mask and The Purple Road. Valvano also created WeHaveAVoice Radio and is now a co-host with Kevin Jess and me.

Kevin Jess has many years of broadcasting experience in journalism and radio. He was also a contributing reporter for Digital Journal (an online news magazine based in Toronto), for almost a decade. Kevin focused his articles on the underreported subject matter in a wide range of topics. Kevin also held lectures on Huntington's disease at Acadia University, in Wolfville, Canada. Jess also provided a touching and honest video testimony for our award-winning film: The Huntington's Disease Project: Removing the Mask.

Get ready to watch us go from great too exceptional! Soon we will announce our first WHAF TV Broadcast!

We would also love to hear from YOU and have created a survey you can fill out by following this link:

Your participation from this anonymous survey will help us launch our new program platform.



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