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WeHaveAVoice Radio shows not to miss

2020 has seen WeHaveAVoice Radio emerge as one of the most listened to and most trusted sources of information for the Huntington's Disease/Juvenile Huntington's Disease community.

Guests from all walks of life; from extraordinary people around the globe to experts in the field, we draw from our community the very best to answer questions and tell of individual experiences to create awareness, to educate, and also to simply communicate with one another.

We have chosen three of our latest shows for you to review, if you haven't already done so, in no particular order:

Coping with separation anxiety during Covid-19 pandemic :

Dr. Susan Potter and Dr. Herwig Lange tackle a serious issue concerning separation anxiety during the pandemic.

Carol Kennedy (President of WHAF England and Wales) HD3 Training Program and COVID-19 Discussion:

Carol Kennedy (President of WHAF England and Wales)speaks about the WeHaveAFace HD3 Training Program, treating people with COVID-19 plus discussion of other topics.

A trip down memory lane with Mary Etta Robertson:

If nothing else, 2020 has turned out to certainly be a time for reflection. In this episode our beloved Mary talks with Leanne and Kevin about yesterday and today. It is joyful and emotional at the same time. Have your tissues ready.

We are sure you will enjoy these shows and if you want to be notified of future shows via email please click "like" on the show page. #YouAreLoved.

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