WeHaveAFace USA: 2019 Review and 2020 Projections

For ten years, WeHaveAFace has set the bar as the only unpaid, volunteer-only, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for Huntington’s disease to date. That was the mission then, and it will remain in stone. In 2019, WeHaveAFace grew to be the second-largest presence across Facebook and the most significant presence across all other social media platforms for Huntington’s and Juvenile Huntington’s disease. We are so very proud of this milestone, and we sincerely thank the international Huntington’s and Juvenile Huntington’s disease community for their love and ongoing support.

WeHaveAFace USA had a very successful 2019, and our programs and resources have continued to help our patients and families on a global scale.

The Purple Road Documentary

WeHaveAFace produced two award-winning documentaries that opened the floodgates of knowledge for HD and JHD in more than twenty-five countries. Each of the documentaries was extremely difficult to film and produce due to the subject matter we encompassed. When we released The Purple Road, our mission was straightforward - to tell the truth about Juvenile Huntington's disease. We had to deliver a comprehensive realism of what this disease is and what it does to patients and families. WeHaveAFace was the organization that stepped up to the plate to deliver two films, and brought to the global stage what many were afraid to face for decades. It was a struggle, but looking back, we removed the dark blanket that covered so many for far too long. In 2019, WHAF was able to complete educational viewings of our 2nd award-winning documentary – The Purple Road.

The Mainstream International Film Festival Circuit:

45 “Selections”

6 Best Director Awards

25 Best Documentary Awards

5 Best Feature Film Awards

These achievements humbled us, however the biggest reward was knowing that hundreds of thousands across the globe are now aware of this disease.

If you haven’t already viewed The Purple Road, please follow the link below:


*The documentary has been remastered and shortened for viewing.

*100% of proceeds via On-Demand viewings and hard copy (DVD/Blu-ray), are allocated to our Educational Program Suite.

*We thank TEVA Global for their financial support with these endeavors.

Climbing for Huntington’s and Juvenile Huntington’s Disease

In 2019, Founder of WHAF (James Valvano), and former President of WHAF England and Wales (Daniel Heath), conquered three mountains (Three Peaks Challenge – England, Wales, and Scotland), in the pursuit to broaden awareness of this disease. Personally, I wanted to show my community that you can make a difference – big or small. We invite you to view our advocacy adventures by visiting the links below.

Scafell Pike: https://vimeo.com/295791101

Snowdon: https://vimeo.com/331264841

Ben Nevis: https://vimeo.com/356022404

Throughout these climbs, we educated hundreds of community members within the regions (Scotland, England, and Wales). Educational materials about Huntington’s and Juvenile Huntington’s disease were provided to local communities to broaden awareness. We must never forget the importance of educating the general public at each of our events and outings.

*We thank