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WeHaveAFace U.S.A. Assistance Fund has strong year but needs help in 2019

The creation of WeHaveAFace in the United States was never meant to be a competing force against other well established Huntington's Disease charities, but was meant to fill gaps in services, since any organization cannot be all things. To fill those gaps other organizations stepped up to the plate. One of those organizations is WeHaveAFace which has since become a truly international organization and now has a presence in five countries; United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Mexico and Germany.

WeHaveAFace has become the premier international multimedia advocacy organization for Huntington's disease and Juvenile Huntington's disease, recognized for their advocacy work in regards to award winning documentaries, radio, a digital newspaper, research, accredited HD3 training, and of course our Huntington's Disease Assistance fund.

As the need for assistance is growing each year, WeHaveAFace USA has decided to focus its efforts on building our resources to benefit our assistance fund which unfortunately is now depleted due to huge demand in 2018 along with lowered funding which will continue in 2019. In 2018 WeHaveAFace spent over $30,000 assisting HD families in need. This need will only be greater this year.

WeHaveAFace USA is reaching out to the HD community, as well as other non HD communities to help replenish the assistance funds, not only in the U.S, but since we are an international organization, to strengthen funds in our other HUBS as well.

Families struggling with HD need our assistance now! To help remedy this need, WeHaveAFace has created the most robust and comprehensive Mobile Quiz App for our international

Huntington's and Juvenile Huntington's disease community! WeHaveAFace wishes to continue to offer information, education, and resources to our global population!  Our success in increasing awareness and education of this disease will continue to be measured by our ability to embrace and utilize various state-of-the-art technologies. Funds raised from sales of this app will stay in the country from which it is raised, making this fundraising an international event. And, it's a fun game to play.

The smart phone app is available for Android and IOS phones and it's only 99 cents which can be paid with credit card or through PayPal. To get more info and for links to download the app please click here and don't forget to share this article to help us help families in great need.

100% of the funds raised will go to our Assistance Fund. As you are aware, WeHaveAFace is driven completely by volunteers so nothing will go to salaries. We need your help and we hope that you will be there for us.

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