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WeHaveAFace Canada, Nova Scotia Chapter, begins major fundraiser

Charities have been, like everyone else, hit very hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, and WeHaveAFace Canada is no exception.

Known for our events held throughout the year, such as the Father/Daughter princess ball and our flagship fundraiser, the Brockville Huntington's Disease walk in honor of Erin Wade, along with a host of other events planned and now cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic, we were left wondering and frankly a bit bewildered as to how to raise important funds that go to research and to help families with HD in crisis.

Change is never easy for any of us, but as Canadians we are never without ideas and elbow grease.

Leanne Delong, Communications Advisor for WeHaveAFace has been very busy creating Tassel Earrings sitting at her table, lovingly putting them together and offering them at a great deal! Only $5 per pair. These can be ordered by email at

Kevin Jess, Vice President of WeHaveAFace Canada, has also been trying his hand at doing something creative by making jewelry using in some pieces handmade beads made from recycled magazine paper, semi-precious stones and wooden beads. Prices range anywhere from $5 to $25 dollars depending on the stones and the hours put into the piece. You can order these directly from Kevin by email at

Finally, WeHaveAFace Canada has signed a contract with Rafflebox to hold 50/50 raffle draws online each month, for a year in Nova Scotia, Canada. Gaming laws in Canada are different for each province so they have to be held separately so this raffle is only available in Nova Scotia, but we will soon be expanding to hold raffles in Alberta, and in the future, Ontario. We fully expect, and we could be wrong, that this will start out slow, but will pick up as we become more well known.

If you have friends in Nova Scotia, please share our raffle with them and ask them to share it on social media. We need your help to help others and find a treatment or even a cure for Huntington's Disease and Juvenile Huntington's Disease. Just click on the pic below to check it out.


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Sarahjane Dawe
Sarahjane Dawe
18 ago 2020


We are also major fund raisers for the research into HD at the new John Bull research Centre at Plymouth’s Derriford Science Park in Devon (Southwest UK 🇬🇧)

As a family we have raised over £50’000 by holding annual balls and sponsored runs etc.

As this is not possible at the moment, we too are busy making bracelets to raise funds!

Good luck to all, .......that cure/ treatment is getting closer every day.

Lots of love, sarahjane

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