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uniQure: Update on the Phase I/II Clinical Trial of AMT-130 in Huntington’s Disease

Some may not be aware but these are also very difficult times for our researchers and Huntington's Disease treatment developers. According to a recent news wire from uniQure, a leading gene therapy company advancing transformative therapies for patients with severe unmet medical needs,

The first two patients in the Company’s Phase I/II clinical trial of AMT-130 in Huntington’s disease have been enrolled after successfully meeting all screening and eligibility criteria. These patients were scheduled to have their procedures on March 24 and 25 at the Ohio State University. Due to the expanding impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, these procedures have been temporarily postponed. The decision to postpone treatment in the trial follows the COVID-19-related State of Emergency declarations in the United States, where the trial is taking place.
“We are following all federal and local regulations including the FDA guidance on clinical trial conduct during the COVID-19 pandemic  and we are working very closely with trial investigators to ensure that patient safety remains our top priority,” stated Robert Gut, M.D., Ph.D., chief medical officer at uniQure. “Despite this unexpected postponement, we are encouraged by the progress that we have made with this trial since the beginning of the year, and the fact that we have patients who are highly motivated to participate.  We will continue our work to resume treatment in the Phase I/II trial as soon as it is clinically appropriate.”


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