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Traveling with HD

I love to travel. I love to go on planes and sit next to the window and see what Mother Nature gave us.

In the past, my husband and I have traveled together. This last time was different though, it would be the first time I would be traveling by myself since I was diagnosed with HD.

Having HD has changed things for me. I am limited to how much I can comprehend at one time, Have trouble walking long ways with a time expectations, and get easily stressed – especially in unfamiliar places and busy places.

Typically, Michael would not want me to travel without him, but knew I needed to help a friend and was supported me traveling alone last month. (Yes, I was safe traveling with COVID 19 and quarantined the whole time I was in FL and when I got back home).

I booked both flights online (to and from) like I normally would, but this time while I was filling out my information, I found out that the airport had wheelchair assistance for cognitive impaired people. That was a blessing in disguise because to add more stress and uncertainty I was traveling with my service dog, Arlo, which I have never done before. #STRESSLEVELSTHROUGHTHEROOF

It was not like it used to be, I missed being able to comprehend things and be able to get myself from point A to point B, but I knew that I couldn't trust myself enough to confidently do it.

So, I get to the airport and go right to the check in desk. I sign in, Arlo gets cleared and we are told to go to a seating area and wait for the wheelchair to come. Within minutes I was wheeled away to the gate while holding Arlo on my lap.

At the gate I stayed in the wheelchair and waited until it was time to board and they wheeled me down to the plane door. Using this service, you board first, which helped so much with alleviating stress and confusion.

Arlo is small enough to fit on my lap and he LOVED his first plane ride.

We get to Florida and I had a FABULOUS 2 weeks helping a friend and working with WeHaveAFace.

It was well worth all of the stress before hand and I highly recommend if you are traveling with HD to utilize the wheelchair services. It’s a way to make sure that you are safe, make it to the gate on time and know that you will be taken care of.



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