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"The Purple Road" will be traveled

On January 17, 2018, announced (via Facebook LIVE) the completion of "The Purple Road" Juvenile Huntington's disease documentary. With the cooperative, and educational partnership of Help 4 HD International, a second film for Juvenile Huntington's disease is geering up to broaden global awareness of this disease. was blessed to have the participation from some of the most affluent HD/JHD doctors and research scientists.  Without their support, guidance, and participation, the documentary could not have been produced.

Click here for Facebook Live Video

Featured Medical Professionals: 

  • Dr. Herwig Lange of the George Huntington Institute (Münster Germany)

  • Dr. Peg Nopoulos of the University of Iowa (Kids-HD / Kids-JHD Research Program)

  • Dr. Jan Nolta and Dr. Kyle Fink of UC Davis, (Institute for Regenerative Cures: JHD Stem Cell Program) looks forward to entering "The Purple Road" into the international film festival circuits. Stay tuned for more information about this global Juvenile Huntington's disease documentary. 

Please visit the following link to register for early educational viewings of the documentary: 

Watch the Trailer:



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