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"The Purple Road" Documentary Update

In 2017, WeHaveAFace traveled to different parts of the globe to give our Juvenile Huntington's disease peers and families a chance to share their experiences - Germany, Canada, England, and the USA. With the global success of our first documentary, we were pleased to bring another film to the international stage. We are excited to announce that through truth, love, sensitivity, and professionalism, "The Purple Road" has built momentum for Juvenile Huntington's disease throughout international film festivals. As of July 11, 2018, the film has earned dozens of selections, and awards for - Best Feature Film, Best Documentary Feature, Best Director, and Best Cinematography (more information). The documentary will continue to be judged via international film festivals until January 2019.

Educational Viewings

WeHaveAFace has received many requests to view the film. As per film festival rules and regulations, film entries can only be shown via educational events. If you are a facilitator of a Huntington's disease support group and wish to hold an educational viewing of "The Purple Road," please complete the online form or email us directly -

*If you send an email, Please specify the following:

Are you a support group leader requesting a group viewing of the documentary? 

Are you a medical professional requesting to view the documentary? 

Are you a Huntington's Disease nonprofit organization requesting to view the documentary?

Please include complete contact details.

To see where the Juvenile Huntington's disease documentary will premiere, visit our events page.


WeHaveAFace is exceptionally proud of these results, and we look forward to reporting many more updates via the international film festival circuits in the upcoming weeks and months!

WeHaveAFace has submitted our films among tens of thousands of entries; we are blessed to say that we are an award-winning filmmaking nonprofit organization. With the ongoing love and support of our international Huntington's and Juvenile Huntington's community, we shall continue to better the lives of our patients and families. WeHaveAFace understands how to produce films, and through years of experience as a social networking and media-driven organization, we look forward to broadening educational awareness of Juvenile Huntington's disease.



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