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The Purple Road Broadens Global Awareness!

In general, it is never easy to produce a documentary with subject matter pertaining to children and young adults. When we decided to create The Purple Road, the thought process was straightforward. WeHaveAFace had the tedious responsibility to tell a story about the worst disease known to man. Not only was it imperative to show the world true stories of our Juvenile Huntington's community, but we needed to couple these heartbreaking and inspiring testimonies with comprehensive science to successfully educate a global audience.

After traveling the globe to gather the most powerful video testimonies from our brave Juvenile Huntington's patients and families, it was time to intertwine their stories with the most fundamental science of the disease from some of our most incredible medical professionals.

When production of The Purple Road was completed, the editing process was excruciating. With over thirty hours of footage, decisions had to be made. Without losing sight of why we produced the film, the editing process began. Finally, after eight weeks of editing, the documentary was finished and was then transformed into a DCP (Digital Cinema Package). This process would facilitate entering our documentary into dozens of mainstream film festivals - globally.

Weeks and months went by, and we waited as patiently as we could to see how the Juvenile Huntington's documentary would fair in some of the most competitive film festivals on the globe. Then, the feedback and results began to come in. The Purple Road started to win "Best Documentary," "Best Feature Film," and "Best Director" in almost every film festival it was entered.

At our May 2018 convention in Orlando, we were blessed to showcase many of the awards the documentary received. However, to our surprise, The Purple Road was selected to run into the 2019 film festival circuit. WeHaveAFace doesn't know what to expect; however, The Purple Road will continue to broaden global awareness of Juvenile Huntington's disease. The mission shall continue!

On June 22, 2019, WeHaveAFace traveled to Hollywood Florida to receive the award for "The Most Impacted Documentary" from The Hollywood Florida Film Festival. We were blessed again to have received another award. Will this be the last? We shall see!

On June 30, 2019, WHAF published a post on Facebook announcing the pre-ordering of "The Purple Road" in DVD and Blu-ray formats (USA Only). Shipping will begin in September 2019. We sincerely thank our amazing international community for their love and ongoing support for this documentary! We will provide updates on the film throughout the year, as well as pre-order of the film for other countries.

WeHaveAFace will be showcasing all of the awards The Purple Road has received at our 10th Year Anniversary and 4th Annual Convention on November 9, 2019! As always, the event is free! We look forward to seeing you there!



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