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MyID! Harnessing technology to save lives! has found a low-cost Medical ID Alert Bracelet - MyID! WeHaveAFace Global HUBS (USA, Canada, Mexico, England and Wales, and Germany) endorse this technological tool kit which can save lives and educate Police, Fire Rescue, EMS, and the community! All of us at WeHaveAFace are unpaid volunteers and are directly affected by Huntington's and Juvenile Huntington's disease. Many of us who work for the organization (globally) currently wear these life-saving alerts. Whether you are a patient or a caregiver, this technological device provides you with the security you can count on!

Watch the video and see how they work!

These technologically advanced products facilitate a rapid response from EMS, Police, Fire Rescue workers, and the general public, in the case of an emergency! Unlike other bracelets or alerts that come with inscribed information, these MyID products come with an electronic profile that can be updated on-the-fly with current information! Let's face it, most of us have some type of medical concern or illness. Harnessing the latest and most secure technology, this product it for you!

As per our friends at MyID:

MyID – Your Complete Medical Profile

The medical ID that provides an easy way to access, store, and manage your health information. Your medical profile can be accessed anytime, anywhere via MyID Products such as bracelets, sticker kits, and mobile apps.

True Peace of Mind

First Responders can access your medical profile in 5 seconds or less, telling them who you are, who to contact, and how to save your life. The perfect medical ID for those living with diabetes, autism, & other medical conditions.

Clear Communication

A doctor may be of no help if you can’t communicate clearly. MyID is the medical ID that stores all of your health information in one place for quick and easy reference.

Improve Your Healthcare

You can connect directly with other MyID users in a trusted, secure network and talk openly about medications, doctors, and insurance programs that directly affect you.

As seen in our video above, you can use your medical ID's linked profile to store your health information. With MyID you can manage your entire medical profile and quickly update it at any time. WeHaveAFace is pleased that you can link multiple MyID Products to your medical profile. There is no limit and for free you can link 10 bracelets, 5 sticker kits, and a wallet card all to one medical profile. Once you make an update to that profile, all your linked products are updated instantaneously.

In addition, one account can host many profiles. MyID makes it easy to manage multiple medical profiles under a single account—perfect for families and caregivers.

Be sure to put  WeHaveAFace at checkout (in gift card or discount code) and you will receive two-day free shipping!!


WeHaveAFace understands and recognizes the ease of use with these products! It's as simple as - scan, click, or call! As seen in our video above, these options genuinely help with the one most crucial factor when saving lives - time!

WeHaveAFace truly believes in these products. We want to make sure that our friends and loved ones within the Huntington's community are aware of these technologically advanced medical alerts. For more information about how these MyID alerts, please visit:

Be sure to put  WeHaveAFace at checkout (in gift card or discount code) and you will receive two-day free shipping!!

Please feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions or concerns:



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