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HD Trial Finder: Knowledge Is Power!

2020...we must have hope!

Each of us have been waiting so long for a viable treatment or the cure for Huntington's and Juvenile Huntington's disease. Some...much longer than others. We all hear the constant chant - we must have hope...we must have hope...

Many across the globe live daily on hope and strength alone. Even in the darkest of our days, we must keep hope alive and do everything in our power as patients and caregivers, to help move vital studies and trials to fruition.

Since our inception, WHAF Global HUBS has harnessed a technological approach towards advocacy, and that includes broadening awareness of all studies and trials available for Huntington's disease.

WeHaveAFace understands the need for studies and trials, and our hope and faith shall continue to be the force that drives us to connect with our patients and families - globally. WHAF has been a supporter of HD Trial Finder

since the HDSA (Huntington's Disease Society of America) launched this extremely convenient and effective portal. We are very proud to be among the Partners in Clinical Trial Education.

Ease of Use!

Each of us knows that time is precious, and information must be readily available at all times. From a technical aspect (and an App. Developer), I can say that the HD Trial Finder platform functions in a way that makes it simpler and well uniformed for the end user - we, the patients, and families.

Convenience - Support - Privacy

All three of these ingredients are imperative when launching a platform such as this. As per the HD Trial Finder website:


"In a few minutes you can identify all clinical trials that match your profile and the closest trial sites. We can also update you when new studies open that match your profile."


"Need help with your search or connecting with trial sites? Request a Contact to speak with a Clinical Trial Navigator today. We're here to help."


"Our commitment to privacy and security is uncompromising. Please read our Privacy Policy.

HDSA will not have access to your name or contact information unless you specifically request HDSA to contact you."


The "Match to Trials" component of the HD Trial Finder portal is a very unique and effective mechanism. As per the website, it is easy to: "Complete our online questionnaire to identify trials nationwide looking for people with your exact diagnosis, stage and treatment history."

In my review, the features within this platform were created to make the process of finding studies and trials quickly, effectively, and securely. Furthermore, the "View Trials" component quickly allows patients, families, friends, and Healthcare Professionals to hone in on specific studies and trials within their region/area.

If you haven't already visited the HD Trial Finder website, WeHaveAFace urges you to utilize this well-established portal to find and participate in vital studies and trials.

Hope must live on...we are the hope we are seeking.

*WeHaveAFace urges our patients and caregivers to utilize all trail and study platforms available.



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