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Erin Wade, Juvenile Huntington's Disease Advocate dies at 30

Erin Wade, a young woman who inspired and gave hope to the Huntington's Disease community, has passed away at the age of 30. She was diagnosed with Juvenile Huntington's Disease at the age of 17 and became an icon in her fight against the disease. Her mother, Cindy Moore, who shared the news of Erin's passing, said that Erin was a "beautiful soul" who will always be remembered for her beauty, strength, and courage.

Erin's smile was said to have had a profound impact on everyone who met her. Her mother described her as a brave and beautiful young woman who made the whole world fall in love with her simply by smiling. She loved deeply, especially children, and her strength and courage went above and beyond. Erin fought right till the very end, with doctors saying they had never seen anything like it. She packed more into her short life than many who live three times as long.

In the end, Erin's pain became so bad that her mother had to try and control it. She was on five pumps that delivered medicine every hour, along with regular medications given through her feeding tube. Even when the nurse came to sedate her, she was still smiling. Finally, a sedative called phenobarbital was used, which worked to make Erin comfortable.

Erin's legacy will be her happiness, strength, courage, love, and, most of all, her precious smile. She inspired many by sharing her story and allowing her beautiful face and smile to teach others about this horrific disease. She was successful in raising thousands of dollars, and an anonymous donor matched all donations. Her mother believes it was the most amount of money raised that year. Erin starred in the movie "The Purple Road," which gave the world a glimpse into her life and everything she went through to try and keep the disease at bay. She lived four years longer than the life expectancy for Juvenile Huntington’s Disease.

Erin's mother announced that a celebration of life will be held in her honor on Saturday, May 20th, at their house. She hopes that people can set aside this date to celebrate Erin's life with them. Erin loved life and took the bad and made it good. Her mother thanked everyone who supported them over the years and expressed her love for all who have done so much for them.

Erin Wade was an inspiration to many, and her beautiful smile will always be remembered as a beacon of hope for the Huntington's Disease community. Although she is no longer with us, her legacy will live on, and her memory will continue to inspire those fighting against this disease.

Never underestimate the power of a smile.



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