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EHDN 2018: Plenary Meeting in Vienna, Austria

As per the EHDN (European Huntington's Disease Network), every second year EHDN hosts one of the world’s largest conferences dedicated solely to Huntington’s disease.

The upcoming EHDN Plenary Meeting will take place in Vienna, Austria, 14-16 September 2018. Meeting venue is the Austria Center Vienna, a conference centre in Vienna's international business district Donaucity.

WeHaveAFace USA, Mexico, Canada, England and Wales, and Germany are supporters of EHDN, and Enroll-HD (a worldwide observational study for Huntington's disease). WeHaveAFace endorses this project and recommends that our international Huntington's community visit their website for additional information. It is critical that WeHaveAFace help move Huntington's studies and trials forward. Patients and caregivers can access the Enroll-HD Registry via our international mobile application: WeHaveAFace

Dr. Herwig Lange (WeHaveAFace Senior Medical Advisor) from the George Huntington Institut of Germany, will be attending this year's EHDN Plenary Meeting on behalf of the GHI and

Dr. Herwig Lange started his career as HD researcher at the Vogt Institut für Hirnforschung (brain research) in 1969 and as a clinical expert for Huntington's disease in 1980. He is a pioneer of the investigation of the preclinical phase of Huntington's disease and has decades of experience caring for HD/JHD patients and families in Germany.

In 1982 Dr. Lange opened the first specialized HD ward in Europe. Dr. Herwig Lange is one of the world's leading Huntington's Disease clinicians and researchers.

Dr. Lange serves as a consulting physician at the George Huntington institute and the Neurology department at the Wilhelms University in Germany. Dr. Lange specializes in various aspects relevant to HD management, such as psychiatry, neurology, movement disorders, and neuropsychology. His extensive experience had earned him over 95 publications on HD and HD-related medical subjects, and he is a sought-after lecturer at global HD conferences and related events. Dr. Lange is also a member of the HSG, Huntington Study Group.

Doctor Lange will be presenting at the EHDN Plenary Meeting (Vienna, Austria, 14-16 September 2018). His address at the Plenary Meeting is entitled, "When and How Does Manifest HD Begin?"

Doctor Lange was a guest speaker at our 3rd Annual Huntington's Convention in May 2018.

Doctor Lange was the recipient of the "Lifetime Achievement Award" at our 3rd Annual Huntington's Convention in May 2018.

In addition to Dr. Lange's dedicated background in caring for patients and families with Huntington's disease and Juvenile Huntington's disease, he has also piloted "elVi: Electronic Visit" which serves as one of the most secure and reliable telemedicine applications available today. WeHaveAFace and CompuGroup Medical have partnered, which will help medical professionals and social workers connect with patients and caregivers - globally.



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