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I know first hand as a professional in the nursing field how trying and taxing, but yet rewarding it is to care for others. But, in personal life I have a connection to HD. I lost my Mother to HD in 2011. She was the only one in our family that had HD that we know of.

I took care of my Mom as she went through the progression, of what at that time we didn't now what it was. She had chorea, memory loss, loss of her faculties, etc. It was a tough road, no lie. It was really scary when she got the official diagnosis just a year before she passed away. Ever since her diagnosis in late 2009 I have been advocating and fundraising for HD. Sadly, my warrior Mother lost her courageous battle with HD. I was blessed to have been with her for the rest of her beautiful life.

I just want to pass along that there is hope for all of you. I don't want to sugar coat and say that it's easy. We all know full well that it's not. But, you are the the caregivers, the lovers, the respite, the ANGELS out there caring for your loved one, friend, or client.

Please remember these very important tips;

  • Remember to take care of yourself!!!! This is very, very crucial when caring for someone else. If you need a breather, make sure that you take a few moments aside from things, but make sure your loved one is safe and occupied before you separate yourself.

  • If you are caring for someone that is not your family and you are there to help with things so that family members can have their time, please make sure that the respite for the family takes place.

  • Be patient and loving at all times. This is hard on all involved but there is an even balance.

  • Keep smiling and know that there is HOPE!

I use these tips in my everyday. It is part of my being. Blessings and love to all of you!!



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