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HDDW - Huntington's Disease Drug Works

What is HDDW?

"Huntington's Disease Drug Works (HDDW) founded by LaVonne and Nathan Goodman in 2004 has evolved over the years. At present the focus is providing information on present treatment options for Huntington's disease that include:

Drugs that are presently available and used (with variable success) for treatment of symptoms that include chorea, depression, anxiety, irritability, agitation, psychosis, apathy and rigidity." - HDDW

Treatment Algorithms

HDDW has provided the community with algorithms and flowcharts which can better assist your doctor with treatment plans for you or a loved one with Huntington's disease. Review the documents with family and provide them to your doctor.

Feel free to download these documents and take them with you to your Huntington's disease medical professionals.

As per Dr. Goodman: "Algorithms Aren't Perfect: Algorithms, or any other standard of care tools are useful general guides for many but won't fit all patient care situations. Because each Huntington's patient is unique, drug treatment must be individualized. Unlike a recipe that gives a rigid step-by-step guide, algorithms give choice of alternative steps. Also remember that not all drugs are covered. Your doctor may prefer different drugs. It is imperative to tailor treatment to match the complexity of each patient. Further, these algorithms acknowledge that a first drug or combination of drugs may be unsuccessful, and there is need to try other drug or drug combinations. Specifically the algorithms." Read more below

Read Dr. Goodman's Blog:


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