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The Unity Project: Locate the nearest Huntington's organization in your area

In 2017, WeHaveAFace held its second annual convention with the theme of the event being "Unity." Leaders and members of all HD organizations were invited to attend and showcase the strengths, and the short and long-term goals their respective organizations were implementing. It was a successful event, and many Huntington's organizations came together for the cause.

Since the organization's conception, WHAF has never been a competitive force but was created as a means to fill gaps that were not being addressed by other Huntington's disease organizations. It has also been a bastion of inclusion, where anyone in the community who wants to help in the battle against this dreaded disease can do so. WeHaveAFace has guaranteed volunteer members a respected position within the organization if they desired it. It was this way of thinking that propelled us to become an international movement and the premier multimedia organization in the HD community around the globe.

WeHaveAFace recognizes that there are many incredible Huntington's disease organizations located around the world. Some have been in place for decades, and others have sprouted in recent times. It is within our mission to take an inclusive approach towards advocacy.

All Huntington's Disease organizations have the same ultimate goal - to find a cure or a viable treatment. Huntington's organizations are involved in teaching, fundraising, creating awareness and advocating for those that suffer from Huntington's and Juvenile Huntington's disease.

WeHaveAFace believes that unity among Huntington's organizations is the best option to better the lives of the patients and families we serve on a daily basis.

To help facilitate this process of unity, WeHaveAFace has created a database of active Huntington's Disease organizations that offer services to the Huntington's and Juvenile Huntington's community. We have already compiled a vast list of many Huntington's disease organizations within this database. It is essential to our community that we deliver accurate information at all times. Due to privacy and security, we ask that all inquiries provide contact names and information, and a representative from WeHaveAFace will contact the legally registered charity directly.

Over the next few months, WeHaveAFace will continue to construct a comprehensive, up-to-date, and fully functional database which will further connect patients, families, and Huntington's organizations.

Please feel free to access our database of Huntington's and Juvenile Huntington's disease organizations on our website.

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