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MMJ Biosciences: Will we see a pharmaceutical cannabinoid compound for HD?

According to a recent press release, MMJ International Holdings has filed a patent "that relates to pharmaceutical compounds and methods for treating and/or preventing symptoms associated with cannabinoid responsive diseases and disorders, such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Huntington’s disease (HD)."

The patent filed by MMJ Biosciences, an affiliate of MMJ International Holdings, is for, unlike other cannabis-like medicines, a plant derived medicine, and upon approval from the FDA would be available across the United States with a prescription from a physician.

MMJ BioScience’s disclosed invention also generally relates to the method of administering therapeutically-effective amounts of a pharmaceutical compound containing cannabinoids to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Huntington’s (HD) disease patients in need of treatment. The disclosed invention further relates to cannabinoid pharmaceutical compounds where said compound contains at least some non-cannabinoid components. The MMJ BioScience has filed these patents to protect the delivery of its MMJ BioScience® product formulation for its upcoming multiple sclerosis FDA study which is progressing through the Federal Drug Administration's (FDA) regulatory process.

It is expected that approval by the FDA would have a major impact on the cannabis industry that is now emerging state to state but is not yet legal federally. While some firms are marketing cannabis products that are not FDA approved they would not be able to export their products across state borders, however, MMJ Biosciences would be able to sell its medicine in pharmacies across the nation.

MMJ Biosciences hopes to bring cannabinoid prescription medicines to market by 2020 providing new therapeutic options to patients with severe diseases including areas where cannabis is not yet legal.

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