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Introducing elVi: Electronic Visit! had launched "WeHaveAFace Connect" in early 2017, however we've raised the bar!

We recognize that too many of our caregivers and patients are unable to receive advice and guidance pertaining to the daily challenges with Huntington's and Juvenile Huntington's disease. is harnessing an amazing, professional, and secure, video conference platform called elVi (Electronic Visit) to provide free services to our population. With the participation of our Medical Advisor - Dr. Herwig Lange (George Huntington Institute, Münster, Germany), patients and caregivers can now participate in a one-on-one session from the comfort of their homes. Using a computer (Chrome Browser) tablet or your cell phone, patients and caregivers can talk to Dr. Lange and receive support, advice, and feedback on the following: treatment, behavior problems, and psychological issues in acute situations.


This free service should be requested when the patient's medical professional is not available. In crisis situations, always contact your medical professional directly or seek emergency services immediately.

Dr. Lange started his career as HD researcher at the Vogt Institut für Hirnforschung (brain research) in 1969 and as a clinical expert for Huntington's disease in 1980. He is a pioneer of the investigation of the preclinical phase of Huntington's disease, and has decades of experience caring for HD/JHD patients and families in Germany. In 1982 Dr. Lange opened the first specialized HD ward in Europe. Dr. Herwig Lange is one of the world's leading Huntington's Disease clinicians and researchers.

Dr. Lange serves as a consulting physician at the George Huntington institute and at the Neurology department at the Wilhelms University in Germany. Dr. Lange specializes in various aspects relevant to HD management, such as psychiatry, neurology, movement disorders, and neuropsychology.

His extensive experience had earned him over 95 publications on HD related medical subjects, and he is a sought-after lecturer at global HD conferences and related events.

Dr. Lange has already provided this service for many within our community, and we truly thank him for his ongoing support and dedication!

Are you a Medical Professional? Would you like to join our WeHaveAFace Connect elVi program?

Please contact Dr. Herwig Lange directly:

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