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A year later the city opened its doors to GDR tourists and the Teufelsberg became a symbol of peace and freedom. After several decades of neglect, it was reopened to the public in the fall of 1995. In 1994-95, over one million people visited the area, and a little more than 1 million stayed overnight. The highlight of the summer months is the open-air festival in August. If you like hiking in spooky locations, the **Wetterstein Park** is also worth checking out. It's located on the Teufelsberg, right next to the wall. There are a number of trails in the park, all linking up and taking you all the way to the top of the Teufelsberg. After the wall was opened, Jewish residents of East Berlin began to move out of the city center. This new housing development area in Tempelhof (known as Tempelhof) is home to some 25,000 people. Its principal landmark is the **East Berlin Jewish Community Center** (Jüdischer Gemeindetag) building (now known as the **Ahrens Building** ). It's a five-story building that is simple, elegant and partly Art Nouveau in style. A fascinating short film called _A Journey to the Berlin Wall_ is about the life of a girl who grew up just a short distance from the wall. _Uli Hoeneß, a former chairman of Bayern Munich, told this story of how he met a kid who played on the Teufelsberg. One day Hoeneß and a friend were in the area to take a quick jog. At the top of the hill they came across a young boy on the summit of the wall playing a soccer game. Soon he attracted a crowd of onlookers, and they began watching the game. The boy struck the ball into the air, with the goal of his opponent, and then he flicked it back down the hill. Hoeneß and his friend both dived for the ball and gave chase to it. It looked as though they had won, but the boy got away. The film shows Hoeneß getting up from the ground to look over the wall. Suddenly he spots the boy on the other side. The boy raises his arms and waves at the Bayern man. His wave is followed by a big smile from the boy. Hoeneß, in turn, gives a huge smile back and heads back to Germany. (Hans




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Download The The Hunt For The Amber Room Full Movie Italian Dubbed In Torrent (Updated 2022)

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