Make a wish, or give a blessing!

In the darkest of days, many of us wish for peace, hope, and love. The Huntington's and Juvenile Huntington's disease community has been patiently waiting for a viable treatment or the cure. It's been a wish driven by years of hope and faith. Although we must continue to hope and have faith that a treatment or a cure will come, something beautiful has arrived!

WeHaveAFace is so proud of our Regional Advocates - Marie Link Blankenship (Michigan), Jen Almeida (Connecticut), and Director of Regional Advocacy and Community Development, Crystal Martin Zachary (Oklahoma). These powerhouse advocates have created an Amazon Wishlist Blessing Program. The Facebook Group (HD & JHD Amazon Wish List Blessings) was established in part due to COVID-19 because community members are unable to leave their homes to get the necessary items they need. It was also created because of the simplicity and joy one can show in providing someone with love and support through these trying times.

WeHaveAFace was pleased to have these fantastic advocates on a WeHaveAVoice Radio Show to talk about this heartfelt movement. Please listen to Kevin Jess, as he interviews Blankenship, Almeida, and Zachary. Make a wish, or give a blessing! Feel free to click "Follow" on our showpage to stay connected!

If you haven't already joined this amazing Facebook group, please feel free to do so. Make a wish and you might be blessed! Or, get the magical feeling of granting someone a blessing!

WeHaveAFace looks forward to granting many of these blessings in the upcoming months. There's no better feeling in the world than giving back, and putting a smile on someone's face!

WeHaveAFace also invites you to utilize Amazon Smile and choose WeHaveAFace as your charity of choice. When you shop at and choose WeHaveAFace, Amazon donates 0.5% of eligible purchases to our charitable organization.

WeHaveAFace would be so grateful if you choose us, and always remember - #YouAreLoved

WeHaveAFace is a 501(c)(3) Registered Charity.


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